Jaz's Birth Story - Hailey

Jaz's Birth Story - Hailey

I went into hospital in June 14th for planned induction at 39w 3days. When I went into hospital I had already been having consistent contractions from the morning and was in the very early stages of labor. I had a balloon catheter inserted at 5pm, and cramping began soon after.


At about 8pm the cramping had become quite painful so I placed on my TENS machine. It provided me so much relief in the early stages I actually fell asleep with it on. My Catheter fell out at 5am I had removed my TENS machine for a few minutes and instantly regretted it. Once my waters were broken at 7am I had a pitocin drip started and the contractions started coming very regularly. The TENS machine allowed me to regain focus on my breathing and concentrate to breathe through each contraction.


At 12pm my doctor had pushed for the drip rate to be turned up even though I was contracting at a rate my midwife considered to be desirable, the contractions sped up and I became overwhelmed as did baby, I was having a contraction every 45seconds lasting for 30seconds at 6cm dilated. I was getting no break. Babies heart rate dropped at this moment and my resolve of no epidural faltered here. The TENS machine had given me so much strength up until this point. The moment it came off to prepare for the epidural I missed it.


I gave birth at 4.41pm after about 4 pushes, the doctor hardly had time to put gloves on. I was able to pull my glorious baby up onto my chest and had delayed cord cutting. The TENS machine was a life saver in the early parts of labor and I would 10/10 recommend. So easy to use, the battery was fantastic, it really helped me rest and prepare myself. I will be hiring again if we have another baby.

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