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Reusable Nursing Pads - 4 Pairs + Wet Bag Bundle

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Colour: Autumn Bloom

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If you're breastfeeding, these are for you

Bare Love Handmade Nursing Pads will help to keep you and your clothing dry to avoid milk stains during the day!

With over 30 unique styles to choose from, Bare Love's lightweight and absorbent nursing pads are fantastic at catching any letdowns or leaks, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable.

They are lined with beautifully soft bamboo fibre, 2 layers of microfiber inner and water-resistant PUL outer.

Once you no longer need your nursing pads, they are perfect for reusing as a makeup remover/cleanser pad. 

We recommend changing your nursing pads regularly to keep your skin dry and reduce the risk of infections; breast pads should be changed as soon as they are damp.

Features & Directions


  • Size - 15cm Diameter.
  • Four layers - Soft Bamboo fibre against your skin, two layers of absorbent microfibre in the middle and beautiful printed PUL water-resistant outer fabric.


  • Wash with your cloth nappies or any load of washing - recommended between 40 - 60 degree cycles.
  • Please note - Make sure all pads are completely dry before storing. Touch the pad to make sure the inner layer is completely dry to avoid mould.
Mini Wetbag

Bare Love's mini wet bags are perfect for storing and organising your nursing pads.

They are also great for storing bibs, cloth wipes, dummies, nipple shields and menstrual cloth pads or even for a reusable snack bag.


  • Zip Closure
  • Small loop handle with snap
  • Single-layer waterproof PUL 
  • 20cm x 18cm approx.

Bare Love's wet bags are machine washable, simply pop in with your nappies or any load of washing (temp no higher than 60 degrees) and line dry. 

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  • 4 Pairs pads and wet bag
  • Made with soft bamboo fibre
  • 15cm diameter
Colour: Autumn Bloom

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