What is a TENS machine?

TENS Stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and it is a great drug-free birth option, you can use it as your only form of pain relief, something to keep you comfortable whilst you wait for further pain relief or you can use it simultaneously for maximum effect, the best part is – it is all your decision and you are in complete control of it!

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  • Step One:

    You place your order online and tick another thing off your list

  • Step Two:

    We schedule your TENS to be sent via express delivery on the date you select on checkout, or ASAP if you're due soon

  • Step Three:

    Once you're done or by your return date, you package it up using your prepaid satchel and pop it back in the post

  • Step Four:

    Your TENS is tested and sanitised, then it is ready to go on it's next journey, to hopefully change another person's birth

When should I order my TENS?

We recommend hiring your machine as soon as you can and it can be done as soon as you know you are pregnant and have a due date, we will place your order in our calendar and make sure we have a machine to send to you that you'll receive by 36 weeks. Ordering in advance means you won't have to worry about missing out due to stock levels and there are also discounts available for early orders if you are less than 34 weeks pregnant.

We can also help out with last minute orders. If we have stock available on the website, you can order and we'll send your machine out ASAP.

If you are really not sure you will get it in time and are in the Perth metro area feel free to reach out to us via email or Facebook/Instagram messenger as we do try to accommodate a personal delivery or pick-up where possible if needed. Depending on your location in Perth, this may already be an option for you when you go to check out, if it is you can go ahead and order, selecting local delivery as you would be in our already confirmed radius. 

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  • How do I send it back to you?

    Sending back is very easy, in your hire cost is an included pre-paid satchel to make returning seamless and hassle-free. This satchel is home compostable, already labelled and addressed and just needs to be packed, sealed and taken down to be posted. We do recommend taking it to a post office versus dropping it in the box, so you can get a receipt and we know you held up your end if something goes wrong.

  • How do I cancel my order?

    If your order hasn’t been dispatched yet message us on Facebook, Instagram or send us an email to sales@thebirthstore.com.au as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately though if it has been sent there may not be much we can do.

  • What if I need to extend my hire?

    We understand some things don’t go to plan, flick us a message and we will accommodate any late or extended returns as much as possible depending on unit availability.

  • What if I do not get to use my TENS machine in labour?

    We understand babies don’t often come on a schedule and things can sometimes not go to plan. If you don’t get to use it for labour it doesn’t mean it is totally useless to you, TENS machines have been shown to naturally help improve all types of pain.

    Should you feel it is not something you can find a use for at all you can send it back as planned whenever you are ready before the end date, but we unfortunately cannot offer a refund in these circumstances if the machine has already been dispatched.

  • I’ve lost my pre-paid return satchel, how do I get it back to you?

    Oh no! If you've ripped or broken the return satchel you can try to tape it up (just ensuring it is sealed and waterproof) or you can cut out the label and stick it back on something else Australia Post will accept. If you've lost the satchel you can just send it back any way you can, pop down to the post office and see what they would recommend for the easiest return, unfortunately this cost would not be something we could cover though. Be sure to get the receipt and tracking so we know you’ve returned it if something goes wrong and be sure to add your name and address in the sender’s section so we know who has returned their machine.

    The address for return is:

    Celeste Casey

    PO BOX 4086,

    SWAN VIEW WA 6056

    Or if you are in the area you can message us and see if we can arrange something.

  • Are the machines tested and cleaned?

    Yes! Upon receiving the TENS machine back we sanitise the machine and wires with hospital grade cleaner and the bags are washed in a hot wash and then line dried. We then test your machine, using all functions to ensure they're working and then clean the workspace before we start re-packing any TENS machines. So when they're ready to go back out they're clean and in working order.

What happens if we don’t receive the TENS machine back or it comes back broken?

We have given this some thought and with so much going on postpartum we do not want to have to leave you waiting for your bond to be returned so we won’t charge one up front. You will notice though there is a disclaimer that comes along with your purchase that if an item is not returned in working order or is not returned at all you are liable to pay a $150 fee.

If you have provided a receipt/tracking for the item and it has been lost outside of your control you won’t be liable for this fee in this circumstance.

If there is a part of the item that is lost or broken though please feel free to message us and we will be as accommodating as possible, based on what has gone wrong we may not need to charge the full fee or anything at all – flick us a message and we can chat about it, we do understand that sometimes accidents happen.

How to Use a TENS Machine

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