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The Ultimate Tool For Drug-Free Pain Relief In Your Labour

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🗹 Helps you to feel in control during labour

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Recommended Globally by Midwives and Obstetricians
Shipped Australia-Wide
Evidenced Based Pain Relief
Researched and Tested for Safety
Drug-free Pain Relief
Simple Hire Process
Over 700 5-Star Reviews
Recommended Globally by Midwives and Obstetricians
Shipped Australia-Wide
Evidenced Based Pain Relief
Researched and Tested for Safety
Drug-free Pain Relief
Simple Hire Process
Over 700 5-Star Reviews
Recommended Globally by Midwives and Obstetricians
Shipped Australia-Wide
Evidenced Based Pain Relief
Researched and Tested for Safety
Drug-free Pain Relief
Simple Hire Process
Over 700 5-Star Reviews

How to Use the Elle TENS Machine

Using our Elle TENS machine is super simple and to make it even simpler, here is an easy to digest video to break it down even more. Give this a watch before you do your first test run, or let us join you in labour if you didn't get a chance to prior.

Learn about the TENS

How Does The TENS Machine Work?

The TENS machines works for four reasons, which are:

The pulse from the TENS machine overloads your nervous system. Our brain can only focus on so much at a time, and once it's at capacity, the rest of the pain signals will be blocked, and you'll feel less pain. This is a part of 'The Gate Control Theory of Pain'.
The TENS machine can also release natural endorphins in your body, which can help to relax you and relieve your pain. Endorphins are our body's natural pain relievers, which act on opiate receptors to alleviate pain and promote feelings of pleasure.
Your mindset is often one of your most undervalued tools, and the TENS machine can help. The electrical stimulation from the TENS machine is something you can focus on to shift your focus away from the pain.
Also with the power of your mind, feeling in control can do wonders for labour. Most people say the TENS machine gave them a sense of control in a moment when they felt out of control; the power of that is significant in labour.


Just 4 Simple Steps

Our hire process was created to make things super simple for you to organise whilst pregnant, for birth and with postpartum in mind.

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Place Your Order

Using our user-friendly calendar interface on the product page, you place your order online, selecting the date you'd like us to send your TENS.

Reserved For You

We schedule your TENS to be sent for you on the date you select on checkout. This can be done as far in advance as you'd like.

Simply Return

We'll remind you when it's time to return your machine; and then you send it back using your pre-paid return satchel that we provide: no printing, cost, or fuss.

All Done

Your TENS is tested, cleaned and sanitised; then it is ready to go on its next journey, hopefully changing another person's birth.

What's in the bag

Our Hire Has Everything You Need

🗹 Elle TENS Machine (3 to choose from)

🗹 4x Large Maternity Electrodes

🗹 4x AA Batteries

🗹 2x Lead-wires

🗹 Simple Instructions

🗹 Pre-paid Return Satchel

🗹 The Birth Store Bag & Birth Affirmation Lanyard

What Does the Research Say?

This study compared the percentage of severe pain scores reported by those without a TENS versus those with a TENS...

49% of people not using a TENS at 4cm dilated said their pain was severe

At the same time, only 20% of people using a TENS at 4cm dilated said their pain was severe

Findings: The mean of the severity of labor pain indicated a statistically significant difference after the intervention. The severity of pain indicated a statistically significant difference in the second stage of labor, and 4 hours after the labor in the groups. The duration of the first stage of labor was significantly different between the groups.

Conclusion: The application of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation affected pain relief in the first and second stages of labor and 4 hours after labor.

This study compared the percentage of high pain scores from one group of people, measuring the scores before using a TENS and then 30 minutes after using a TENS...

Before using a TENS, 83% of people said their pain was a seven or higher

After using a TENS for only 30 minutes, only 20% of people said their pain was a seven or higher

Conclusion: TENS produces a significant decrease in pain during labour and postpones the need for pharmacological analgesia for pain relief.

This study compares the use of TENS machine to Pethidine/Demerol (a pharmacological pain relief option used in hospitals), where it was found that TENS offered the same level of pain relief as this common drug...

Researchers in Egypt randomly assigned 100 people in active labour to either receive low-intensity TENS applied to the back, or to receive Pethidine/Demerol, which is an injectable narcotic. TENS was used in the experimental group until the participants reached 10 centimetres dilation.

They found a decrease in pain scores in both groups, but there was no significant difference between the groups. Forty-eight hours after the birth, the people who were randomly assigned to receive TENS during labor were much more satisfied with their birth, on average, compared to the people who received the injectable pain medication. Of those who received TENS, 83% reported being satisfied, compared with only 10% of those who received Demerol.

In addition to low satisfaction, the people who received Demerol also reported side effects such as drowsiness, nausea and vomiting. Babies in the Demerol group also had lower Apgar scores after birth. There were no bad side effects reported in the TENS group.

"The majority of women who used the TENS said they would use it in future labours"

- Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2009; (2): CD007214.

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Why Hire From us?

The Birth Store Difference

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We publish 100% of all reviews we receive. We'll never delete or unpublish a review. This has awarded us a transparency medal from Judge.Me Reviews.

Extensive Shipping Options

We have multiple express and priority shipping service options, including a 1-2 day delivery service. We're committed to getting you what you need, but faster.

Created with Postpartum in Mind

We've created the simplest returns process for you to hire during pregnancy, for birth and with postpartum in mind. Simply pack, seal and post. No printing, no cost and no fuss.

Industry First Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee for those who don't have a chance to use the TENS once it's been sent. Just add to your purchase, and you'll be covered if you can't use it.

Just a Few of Our Fav Reviews

We get so many beautiful reviews, and here are a few of our favourites that we've received with photos, too! Press '+' to see the reviews.

Couldn't have given birth without it!

"With the TENS machine, my first birth was spontaneous, vaginal and unmedicated. I used it from early labour all the way to pushing, and even had it on when I birthed my placenta and got my stitches done. The amazing part is, even at the peak of my contraction pain, I never reached the machine's highest intensity level! We are planning to have another baby and I will definitely hire again!"


 It was bliss!

"After being in denial I was in labour all day, I got excited to finally put the tens machine to use. It was bliss! I used it at home whilst using swaying movements. I then transferred to the hospital and relied on it to get me through my contractions when they started to ramp up before hoping in the bath. Highly recommend!! The whole process of hiring through the birth store was a breeze, which added to my whole positive birth experience!"

Rachel G.

I got my money’s worth x10 hiring this machine

"My second time hiring a TENS & first time through @thebirthstore. It was such a seamless, professional and no stress process ordering, receiving and returning it! My two labour’s using the TENS ended up being my only form of pain relief - aside from swaying and keeping upright (I couldn’t bring myself to take it off to hop in water haha!) and truly felt it’s what got me through. I had fast precipitous labours, so pretty intense from the get go and still found that instant relief so I personally don’t feel their is a ‘too late’ part of labour to pop it on! If anyone’s not sure ‘if it’s working’ don’t boost for one contraction and you will soon realise how much relief it provides haha! With my third bub I decided to use the TENS to provide relief from those nasty afterbirth pains (that very much do get worse with each bub!) I got my money’s worth x10 hiring this machine 🙂"

Jacinta E.

I had removed my TENS machine for a few minutes and instantly regretted it

"The TENS machine was a life saver in the early parts of labour and I would 10/10 recommend. So easy to use, the battery was fantastic, it really helped me rest and prepare myself. I will be hiring again if we have another baby."

Jaz (1st birth)

After hiring the TENS machine in 2021, I knew it was necessary!

"I had my TENS running the whole labour and don’t think I could’ve done it all natural without it! Also thank you for making pick up of the machine so easy, I managed to get just before Christmas which really was just in time!!! Incredible service ❤️"

Jaz (2nd birth)

A miracle worker

"The TENS Machine was a miracle worker for my labour as I was induced my contractions where so strong and it was exactly what I needed! Couldn’t recommend The Birth Store enough! Thank you x"


Loved it!

"I hired a TENS machine for my labour and birth after hearing about them online and through my midwife. I laboured 0-10 with nothing but the TENS and gas, it definitely helped alleviate some of the pain (as I noticed when I forgot to press boost mid contraction 😅). Nice and easy to use, the lanyard meant I could have it nearby at all times and didn’t have to worry about remembering to carry it when I moved around. The postage was quick and it was all packaged really nicely! Super easy free return postage provided as well meant I had one less task to do with my newborn, when I posted it off it was as easy as going to a post box! Would definitely hire again and have also recommended to friends who have gone ahead and hired their own TENS. Thank you for helping me have a positive birth experience!"



"Amazing service, arrived as planned. TENS assisted through 32 hours labouring medication free at home. A great tool!"


TEN out of TENS!

"After worrying I was going to go into labour early, I was so relieved when my package arrived early. Turned out I was 4 days over. A very short labour relieved by the TENS, before a quick delivery in the water. The whole process of booking, automated reminders for returns/offer to extend, and the return bag with clear simple instructions - one less thing I had to worry about in my baby bubble. Thank you for making me feel empowered, and supported to surrender to birth!"


Labour saver

"Ahhh I can’t imagine labour without the TENS it made the super intense surges and ride to the hospital manageable !!! Best investment in my birth kit!"


It will change your labour experience!

I absolutely loved the tens machine! Made my labour so much more manageable and helped so much with the pain! I have recommended to everyone and will continue to as it really helped me feel in control and helped so much! Don’t hesitate, definitely get this as it will change your labour experience!

Ashleigh Clifford

I can't believe the difference it made

“Huge thank you to The Birth Store for TENS Hire. Having had three children in my younger years, I had high intervention births and knew I wanted my fourth baby's birth to be different. After learning all about Hypnobirthing and hiring the TENS machine, I achieved a 5 hour labour. I used the TENS for most of those 5 hours and cant believe the difference it made in those first few hours of surges. For anyone looking for natural relief, I highly recommend the TENS & The Birth Store to join you in your birthing journey.”


Let Us Compare for You

See below the differences in features between our three machines, or skip straight to our handy three question quiz to help you decide:

Elle TENS Hire

From $49


✔ Labour Pain Mode

Standard Pain Mode

✔ Boost Button

✔ Opti-Max Technology

Contraction Timer

Screen Light

Pelvic Floor Stimulation

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Elle TENS 2 Hire

From $59


✔ Labour Pain Mode

Standard Pain Mode

✔ Boost Button

✔ Opti-Max Technology

Contraction Timer

Screen Light

Pelvic Floor Stimulation

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Elle TENS Plus Hire

From $69


✔ Labour Pain Mode

Standard Pain Mode

✔ Boost Button

✔ Opti-Max Technology

Contraction Timer

Screen Light

Pelvic Floor Stimulation

*not available with hire, outright purchase only*

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Got Any Questions?

We've got answers!

Can the TENS machine be used in the water?

No, unfortunately, your TENS machine cannot get wet, so it cannot be used with water.

If you're planning on a water birth, or using water for pain relief in labour, there are still some ways you can incorporate the TENS into your plan. Find out how here.

Can I claim my TENS machine on private health?
This will depend on your coverage, and it is important that you reach out to your health insurance provider to confirm if you are covered and if so, what for - the item code for TENS purchase is TENSP and the item code for TENS hire is TENSH.
Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you can go ahead and hire or buy your machine and you'll be sent an invoice with your order confirmation that has all the info you need. Once you’ve got the receipt, you can take it through the claims process with your health insurance provider.
Our tax invoices include all the information any Australian health insurer will request; we are also an approved BUPA provider. 
Where do I place the electrodes?

There are four pads that come with your TENS machine. 2 start at your bra line and 2 finish at your underwear line - both on either sides of your spine.


Placing the electrodes:

• You will likely need some help placing the pads on your back. You can do it yourself in a pinch, but it’s a hard feat – if you don’t have a birthing partner, you can ask your midwife for help with this.

• Before placing your electrodes ensure the area is free from excess oils or moisture.

• Place the electrodes vertically starting at your underwear line; the length of your torso may affect where the top of the bra line electrodes start – you’ll run out of room on the bottom electrodes before you do on the top, which is why we recommend starting at the bottom.

• Whether the wires are facing up or down doesn’t matter a great deal. You can place them in whichever way is the most comfortable for you.

• You then connect the top 2 electrodes to 2 wires in the same jack (where the wires connect to the machine) and the bottom 2 electrodes to the 2 other wires in the same jack. Whether you connect the top or bottom to the left or right jack doesn’t matter.


Can TENS electrodes be re-used?

TENS electrodes are easily removable and can be reused – how long for, depends on how they’ve been treated.

The stickiness of the gel on the electrodes can be affected by a few things:

• Large amounts of sweat or wet skin

• Oils – either massage/essential oils or oil from your skin

• Any other moisture or residue on the skin


You can prolong the life of your electrodes by:

• Drying your skin before application

• Ensuring the area of your skin being used is free from massage oils

• Placing electrodes straight on plastic backing once removing

• Placing electrodes + plastic backing in their zip lock bag


If you have got some electrodes that have started to lose their adhesiveness, you can help them by rubbing a small amount of water into the gel – it may seem contradictory to what’s already been said about moisture on the skin, but it does help!

What's the difference between 3 machines?

The difference between each machine is relatively small, you can take a quiz here which will help you decide which machine is for you and why. Or you can also find a comparison chart on each TENS hire product page.

Though, in short, the differences are:

Elle TENS - Base model, has birth mode for pain relief in labour
Elle TENS 2 - Same as above, but also has the screen light and contraction timer
Elle TENS + - Same as above, but also has the standard pain mode which is helpful for pain relief outside of labour (great for afterbirth pains)

What else can I use my TENS machine for?

TENS Machines are effective for many different types of pain, and some can be used for pelvic floor strengthening, too.


The Elle TENS Plus is the only one with the standard pain function and the pelvic floor mode. You can use your Elle TENS Plus with all its features for:

• Afterbirth pains

• C-Section recovery

• Shoulder pain from breastfeeding

• Pelvic pain

• General aches and pains

• Sports injuries

• Recovery from surgeries

• Pelvic floor strengthening and recovery from incontinence (only suitable for machines purchased outright)

Should I test my TENS before labour?
Yes! It's always a smart idea to get an idea of how the TENS works, even though it's straightforward, it helps knowing before labour that you've got it down pat. You can test your TENS at any time from 37 weeks gestation.
Are the machines tested and cleaned?

Yes! Upon receiving the TENS machine back we sanitise the machine and wires with hospital-grade cleaner and the bags are washed in a hot wash with a hospital-grade sanitiser and then line dried.

We then test your machine, using all functions to ensure they're working. So when they're ready to go back out they're clean and in working order.

Should I hire or buy a TENS machine?

Hiring a TENS machine is a great option if you:

  • Are only planning on one or two more babies
  • Want to try it out first to see if it works for you
  • Don’t want to have to worry about safely storing the machine between pregnancies
  • Always want the latest technology for labour
  • Don’t think you’ll use the machine outside of birth


You may wish to consider purchasing if you:

  • Are planning on three or more babies
  • May use the machine in between pregnancies
  • May use the machine's pelvic floor function (Elle TENS Plus only)
When should I order my TENS?
We recommend hiring your machine as soon as you have a due date; we will place your order in our calendar and make sure we have a machine to send to you on the date that you select (we generally recommend factoring in 1 week for shipping, though with express post it's generally much quicker than this).
Ordering in advance means you won't have to worry about missing out due to stock levels. We recommend choosing the date you'll be 35 weeks as the date you want us to send the machine for an 8-week hire.
We can also help out with last-minute orders. If we have stock available on the website, you can order, and we'll send your machine out ASAP.
If you are really not sure you will get it in time and are in the Perth metro area, you can order online with local pickup, and it can be collected in Midland.
When is the best time to start using the TENS?
When should you start using your TENS machine? The short answer is as soon as possible.
If you are being induced, it is ideal to place the TENS machine on 30 minutes before starting the process of membrane rupture or the administering of the Pitocin hormone. If you are in the earlier stages of induction, you can hold off, but if you start to feel contractions, it is best to place it on.
For spontaneous labour you can start using it once you believe you are getting labour contractions, if they fizzle out you can always take the electrodes off and keep them for when it starts up again.
If you don’t have access to it right away, you can still find the TENS machine, which will benefit you. It has been shown to be a bit more effective when started ASAP.
How long can I hire my TENS machine for?

You can hire for 4, 6 or 8 weeks.


We recommend those who are 36 weeks pregnant or earlier select an 8-week hire, this will give you 4 weeks on either side of your due date. 

If you're due sooner than that, you may find a shorter hire period is right for you.

Note: Shipping times don't come off your hire period. A 1-week shipping buffer is added in between your start and end date, making your hire period technically 1-week longer than advertised when counting from your start date. 

How do I send it back to you?

Sending back is very easy, in your hire is an included pre-paid satchel to make returning seamless and hassle-free.

This satchel is already labelled and addressed, and just needs to be packed, sealed and taken down to be posted.

We do recommend taking it to a post office versus dropping it in the box, so you can get a receipt and we know you held up your end if something goes wrong on it's way to us.

I’ve lost my pre-paid return satchel, how do I get it back to you?


We do have access to our returns labels for a certain period of time, if you've lost your satchel please reach out to us here, and we'll send you the label if we can. If we no longer have access to the label, we can give you our address for return.

Or if you are in the area, feel free to reach out, and we could organise a drop-off.

What if I do not get to use my TENS machine in labour?

We highly recommend adding an 'Untouched' TENS Money-back Guarantee to your order, it covers you for non-use of the machine. See the product description for full information on the guarantee and eligibility criteria.

If you've not ordered the Money-back Guarantee and you don’t get to use it for labour, it doesn’t mean it is totally useless to you; TENS machines have been shown to naturally help improve all types of pain.

Should you feel it is not something you can find a use for at all, you can send it back as planned whenever you are ready before the end date, though we, unfortunately, cannot offer a refund in these circumstances if the machine has already been dispatched and the money-back guarantee hasn't been purchased.

How do I cancel my order?

If your order hasn’t been dispatched yet message us on Facebook, Instagram or send us an email here as soon as possible.

Unfortunately though if it has been sent there may not be much we can do, as your hire begins once it leaves our warehouse.

Can I extend my hire?
We understand some things don’t go to plan, you can add more time, here.

Once your order is placed, we'll extend your hire period accordingly.

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