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Best birth support

Tens machine was a game changer with my natural breech birth. Cannot go past this if you plan on going natural!


I used this machine with my 3rd drug free labour and I wish so badly I discovered it with the other 2 as I screamed through those labours but was able to breathe through this one. I have had big babies for my last 2 labours and despite birthing a 4kg baby it was by far my favourite labour. I went into it with birth trauma from my previous labours and came out of this one saying “I could do that again!” If you’re thinking about getting one….get one! You won’t regret it!

Quick induced labor

Being my first pregnancy I did not know what to expect with labor pains, everyone explains them different. My midwife advised that being induced can make contractions worse but I had nothing to compare them to. I was induced at 1030am and my little girl was born at 425pm. I went from 5cm dilated to no cervix within 2 hours. I have a rather high pain tolerance but when I tell you I was in pain it was like nothing I have ever experienced, it was pass out type pain. Although I sweated off my TENS and was in to much pain to have it stuck back on there is no way I would have made it through labor without it. It was a great distraction from the contractions. Only when it came off I considered an epidural but I pushed through without one and delivered my 4.150kg, 38cm circumference head baby naturally. I would 100% hire again I couldn’t have gotten through without it.
Hiring through the birth store was so easy, it was delivered quickly and having the return satchel already meant my husband could drop it off while I stayed home with my babe.
Thank you, The Birth Store!

So glad this option existed

We ended up electing for a c-section late in the piece and the process of claiming the money back guarantee for the untouched tens machine was so easy and the money back was provided quickly. Really appreciated this option particularly as we didn’t get the birth we originally wanted!

Great product for my first birth. Didn’t get to use it for my second as it was too fast but used after for post birth contractions and breastfeeding.

It’s good, just wish it was bigger.

Excellent service

Would 100% hire again from The Birth Store
So easy with postage and delivery. Simple instructions and a great price!

The Tens machine was amazing during my labour.
With a quick 3 hour labour, I used the tens from start to finish.
Really took advantage of the boost mode in active labour with the use of gas’s too I was about to obtain my goal unassisted birth

Amazing relief

The Tens machine was an absolute godsend during my 44 hour labour! I initially had it on low and just kept upping the power every few hours. Absolutely loved the boost button to get me through the strong surges. Definitely recommend to all my friends!

Legitimately Helpful During Labour and Hire/Use/Return Was So Easy!!!

The hire, use and return of the Elle Labour TENS machine could was so easy and straight forward. I chose an extended hire as my previous children were post dates as was this third child.
This was my first labour using the TENS machine and it was genuinely helpful and I believe it relieved a lot of the tension and pain from this labour.
The instructions for the use were straight forward and it was so easy!
The return process is made so simple with the pre-addressed bag. Even a sleep deprived mother of three can do it. Make sure you head into a post office to get a senders receipt and ensure that it goes express post back.
Also the packaging was so beautiful!!
I made the mistake of purchasing extra sticky tabs because I didn’t realise the ones provided were reusable and I didn’t use the extras during the birth.
5stars, I would definitely recommend this company and the use of a TENS machine!

Redemption Birth 🤍

After a traumatic first birth, the tens machine changed everything for my second birth.
It allowed me to successfully birth my beautiful baby girl naturally. I couldn’t be more thankful.

Highly recommended

TENS machine helped me with my 56+hours labor without needing any epidural. It was my first pregnancy and I used TENS alongwith gas during intense contraction and it worked as a charm. Highly recommend this esp first time Moms❤

Made to Milk is Amazing!

I tried the Deluxe Hot Chocolate and oh my goodness it’s amazing! It’s increased my supply like you wouldn’t believe, and the flavour is enjoyable compared to other lactation products that leave a funny aftertaste.

Couldn’t recommend it enough!

Second birth but first time using the TENS machine and it was absolutely incredible! I will be hiring it again for my next birth! It helped me get through the pain of contractions with no other pain relief right up until I got into the bath at the end. Worth every cent! Couldn’t recommend it enough!

Well worth it

The TENS machine was the only pain relief I used and needed for labour and birth. It was effective and easy to use. The process of hiring and returning the machine was so simple, streamline and logical. The staff had excellent customer service.


I used the Elle labour tens machine throughout my labour and managed to not use other pain relief which was my goal. Couldn't have done it without the tens machine. It was simple and easy to use throughout contractions. The birth store also provided great instructions and quality packaging which allowed an easy set up as well. I would highly recommend this product

A key tool in my labour kit

The Elle Labour TENS machine was one of my key pain management tools in early labour. My birth plan was to have an unmedicated birth and the TENS machine enabled me to labour at home for as long as possible before heading to hospital to deliver our darling son. The machine is super easy to use and I was able to take it on and off during labour as needed. The process of hiring and returning was super convenient which is a definite bonus when you have so many other things to think about! I’ll absolutely be hiring one again when we decide to have our next baby

Game changer!

Amazing tool to help overload the senses and redirect your focus away during contractions. Still felt pain, but was able to use horses breath and the TENS machine to have my first unmedicated birth following 2 very medicated births with epidural, morphine and gas.

Amazing during labor and for after birth pains! Highly recommended for anyone that is looking for other ways to manage pain.

Very happy I went with this TENS hire

I wasn't sure if I wanted to invest in buying a tens machine, so a rental worked well for me. I was a bit nervous of the whole rental and return process the Birth store makes it SO easy to do, even in such a stressful time such as pre and post birth. I appreciated the simple pre paid return bag.

The machine itself helped me so much, I used it from early labour right until the moment the baby was born. It was very grounding, gave me the sense of control over the surges.

Highly recommend a tens machine, specifically through the Birth Store

Thank you, The Birth Store. The Elle Labour TENS Machine was a lifesaver during early labour. I highly recommend this product to other expectant mothers. 😊

Easy to use

Much more comfortable than using frozen condoms! Compact and don’t take long to freeze. Two thumbs up

WONDER machine, would not have had such a fantastic birth without it.
Didn’t use one with my first birth which I now regret as it was amazing and helped me have an intervention and medicated free birth! There was an issue processing my order initially but the team rectified and sorted this out and the TENS arrived the day I went into labour so I’m really grateful for how they handled the delay. 🤩

The TENS machine arrived in time for my birth but was glad this was an option and thought it was a great money back guarantee as with my first pregnancy I ordered a machine but didn’t end up using it

TENS Machine

So glad I hired a TENS machine. It was such an amazing tool to help alleviate the pain of the contractions in the first few stages of labour. Love the boost button for when the contractions were really strong!

Smell amazing

I had these bad boys packed in my hospital ready handbag and got to use the pain ease roller once, but I didn’t get much more chance to use it again or to use the other two because my labour came on so hard and fast and had given birth within 3hrs of my contractions starting! I’m sure I’ll find another use for them though!