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With a fear based maternity system we want to buck the trend of the constant negativity towards pregnant people and encourage each and every person to follow their intuition and to move into parenthood feeling physically and emotionally well.

With the large amount of due date groups on Facebook we have decided to refocus our existing group to match this intention, we want for this to be somewhere you can come to with your pregnancy and birth questions and receive empowering and informed support. In order to do this we want to open to group up to those who have already birthed, whether they are pregnant now or not and also to invite in birth workers; regardless of the plans of their pregnancy journey.

With such high statistics of birth trauma (1 in 3), the wide variety of different care options giving vastly different experiences and an overwhelming amount of people coming out of birth wishing they had known they had more options or had the support they may later find, we believe there is a strong need for a group focusing on informed and positive pregnancy and birthing. So if you are a first or tenth time parent who needs guidance in a certain area or has questions around a certain topic, we welcome you to join our group.

We can't wait to go on this journey with you 


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