FAQ - Can TENS electrodes be re-used?

TENS electrodes are easily removable and can be reused – how long for, depends on how they’ve been treated.

The stickiness of the gel on the electrodes can be affected by a few things:

• Large amounts of sweat or wet skin

• Oils – either massage/essential oils or oil from your skin

• Any other moisture or residue on the skin


You can prolong the life of your electrodes by:

• Drying your skin before application

• Ensuring the area of your skin being used is free from massage oils

• Placing electrodes straight on plastic backing once removing

• Placing electrodes + plastic backing in their zip lock bag


If you have got some electrodes that have started to lose their adhesiveness, you can help them by rubbing a small amount of water into the gel – it may seem contradictory to what’s already been said about moisture on the skin, but it does help!