FAQ - When should I order my TENS?

We recommend hiring your machine as soon as you have a due date; we will place your order in our calendar and make sure we have a machine to send to you on the date that you select (we generally recommend factoring in 1 week for shipping, though with express post it's generally much quicker than this).
Ordering in advance means you won't have to worry about missing out due to stock levels. We recommend choosing the date you'll be 35 weeks as the date you want us to send the machine for an 8-week hire.
We can also help out with last-minute orders. If we have stock available on the website, you can order, and we'll send your machine out ASAP.
If you are really not sure you will get it in time and are in the Perth metro area, you can order online with local pickup, and it can be collected in Midland.