HOW TO ORDER - Selecting Duration and Dispatch Date

  • Your order will be sent on the date you select, along with any other products you purchase in the same order.
  • We recommend selecting the 8-week hire to start the date you'll be 35 weeks; once it arrives, this allows 4 weeks on either side of your due date
  • If you're already further along, you can choose the 6 or 4-week hire, though we recommend receiving it ASAP and allowing 4 weeks after your due date
  • We add a 1-week shipping buffer to your order to cover the time it takes to arrive. This means your hire period is technically 9, 7, or 5 weeks from when we send it - depending on the date you select.
  • If your date is greyed out, we are booked for that date. You can check back each weekday at lunchtime; more may become available. If your dates are available now, we recommend hiring ASAP - we book out far in advance and recommend that you book your TENS by the time you're 30 weeks pregnant to ensure you don't miss out

        IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless you purchase the money-back guarantee your TENS hire cannot be refunded if you don't get to use it. Please give yourself as much time as possible before you're due to ensure you have it ready.