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Labour TENS Machine Hire | The Birth Store

Elle Labour TENS Machine 2 Hire

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Hire Duration:

How to Order - Selecting Duration and Dispatch Date

1 - Choose which hire period is for you:

81% of people having their first baby go past their due date, statically you’ll more than likely need it for longer so it’s best to opt for the longer hire. Unless you have a specific induction date, we find it’s best to stick to the below depending on how far along you are currently:

0 – 36 weeks: Choose the 8-week hire

37 – 38 weeks: Choose the 6-week hire

39 + weeks: Choose the 4-week hire

You can also select the longest hire if you want more time, if you’re tossing up between two hire lengths, we recommend the longest. We hire our machines out back-to-back with allowance for shipping times, so it can take a bit of rescheduling on our end if a machine is late. There may also be an extension fee should the machine be needed for longer, so it is often in your favour more to organise the longer hire initially.

Note: Shipping times don't come off your hire period, allowances are made for this so you have access to the machine for the full duration.

2 - Choose the date you want us to send your machine:

Select your preferred dispatch date above and we'll send on that date. We recommend choosing the date 1 week before you want to recieve it, to allow time for it to be shipped to you.

If your date is currently greyed out, it means your selected machine isn't available for that date period. Our machines often sell out quickly, but they do generally change each day as we get machines back in. Often around midday more will appear available, if you see your date available it's best to order as soon as possible to ensure we can reserve a machine for you before they sell out.

3 - Ordering early:

As mentioned, our machines often sell out very quick. If you're interested in a TENS machine, we recommend ordering ASAP. If your plans change, we do allow refunds before the machine is shipped - so where possible it's best to place your order ASAP to ensure we can schedule one for you and you don't miss out.

What is a TENS Machine?

TENS Stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and it is a great drug-free birth option, you can use it as your only form of pain relief, something to keep you comfortable whilst you wait for further pain relief or you can use it simultaneously for maximum effect, the best part is – it is all your decision and you are in complete control of it!


The TENS machine helps to distract your mind, build endorphins (which are our body's natural pain relievers) and floods your nervous system which limits your body's ability to send pain signals to your spinal cord and brain. Our body can only focus on so much information at a time, and it prioritises nerve activity over pain signals - so you feel less pain. All of this comes from four electrodes which are situated on your lower back and provide a pulse that feels like a tingle.

What Does Our Hire Pack Include?

For 4, 6 or 8 weeks depending on your hire duration, you will have full access to the below:

➤ Elle TENS 2 Machine

➤ Pouch for padding during shipping

➤ Birth affirmation lanyard

➤ 4 x Brand new reusable electrode pads

➤ 4 x Brand new AA batteries

➤ 2 x Leadwires

➤ Instructions for your machine

➤ Return pre-paid shipping satchel

➤ Our versatile carry bag

This comes all packed in sustainable compostable packaging satchel.

All you need to do after you use it is return the TENS Machine in its shipping bubble pouch, 'The Birth Store' bag, 2x leadwires, and the instructions for your machine to us by the end of your hire period. The rest you are more than welcome to keep, or if you do not have a use for them you can return to us and we can dispose of them in the most eco-friendly way possible – we do not reuse for other customers, everything not mentioned here that you get is new.

Why Elle TENS 2?

This version of Labour TENS is the middle ground between the base model and the Plus. This hand-held unit has the Elle TENS Opti-Max* technology and the "Boost Button" for you to use for your contractions. Opti-Max will be your new best friend, this is an extra reserve of power you use for the final stages of labour meaning this is one of the only TENS machines which will help you right up to your delivery. It also has a backlight, which is great if you want low lighting in labour and it also has a contraction timer, so you don't have to worry about operating a second device.

Elle TENS 2 is a safe, effective, drug-free method of pain relief to assist in natural childbirth. Even if you do choose to take some analgesics, such as pethidine or gas-and-air, you can keep your Elle TENS on for maximum effect. 

See our comparison chart if you aren’t sure which machine is best for you.

Health Insurance Rebate

Did you know that you may be able to claim the cost of your Labour TENS Machine hire on your private health insurance? Once you process your order you will receive an email with your invoice. You can either save the attachment on the email or follow the link to download your invoice. Our invoices come will all the info your health insurance will need to let you know of your eligibility. You will need to contact them directly to confirm if you are covered and if so by how much, but some providers cover up to 100% of the total cost!  

Please note, we are unfortunately yet to be set up as a Bupa provider.

If you have any further questions, feel free to message us or read through our FAQs here.


By purchasing this item, you agree to our TENS Machine hire agreement. This can be found in the footer menu.

The TENS machine is considered safe for the vast majority of people, but there are some conditions that the TENS is not recommended for. You can read the contraindications in the manual below to confirm suitability before purchasing.

User manual - Elle TENS 2, PDF 5.8MB


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Can’t go to labour without this!

I didn’t think the process of getting tens machine is so easy! I chanced upon this website as I was planning for my second child labour. As soon as I had my early Labor started, where contractions and back pain kicked in, I didn’t take off my tens machine. I don’t think I can sleep/nap in between contractions without this! It’s been so helpful for me. Thank you!

Absolute must have!

I hired the TENS machine after reading many positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations and I’m so glad I did! I went into labour when I was day 5 covid positive and felt really defeated that I may not have been able to have the birth experience I envisioned. I put the TENS machine on at home when my contractions started to intensify and laboured for 3-4 hours with it. Baby was posterior so I was feeling the contractions front and back throughout my labour. I used it on our way to the hospital and during the 2 hours I was in active labour once we were in the birthing suite. I honestly don’t think I could have managed to get through the contractions without it, it not only helped with the pain but also provided something else for me to focus on which I think played a big part in keeping myself calm and focussed. If you are looking at trying to have a non-medicated birth than definitely get yourself a TENS machine and I also highly recommend using hair combs to squeeze in your hands during contractions!

Highly recommend!!

Firstly, I was abit late in ordering my tens machine ( baby brain) and I was in direct contact with the girls from the birth store and they helped me locate a tens machine that would be back in for my dates and had it shipped out to me as soon as possible! They made the process seems so effortless and they were so understanding and supportive through all contact!

I used my tens machine for a massive part of my labour nearly 9 hours and it was my saving grace! I couldn’t have done it without it as it really did help divert the pain else where through each contraction and give my body a different sensation. I honestly do not think I could have labourers the way I did without the tens machine.

I will definitely be hiring a tens machine from the birth store again in the future.

Highly recommend!!

Firstly I used my TENS machine for most of my labour ( and it was a long 24 hour labour)!! It was incredible especially when labouring at home but even still at the birth centre. I would highly recommend it as an amazing pain relief!! You won’t regret it!

If I ever have another baby I’ll be hiring from the birth store again!
Secondly the delivery was really easy and it comes with everything to be sent straight back post birth ( so easy once baby has arrived just put it back in the pre filled parcel and ask someone to drop off for you).

Kaitlin Cooper

Elle Labour TENS Machine 2 Hire