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Spring Inspired Baby Names

Spring Inspired Baby Names

Are you looking for a name for your Spring baby or just love Spring? Have a look at our list of Spring inspired baby names.

Amaryllis: Meaning a bulb that blooms in spring

Aurora: This name is Latin for new dawn – a fitting name for the season of new beginnings 

Atherton: A British name that means ‘from the town by the spring’.

Aviva: In Hebrew this means ‘springtime’. 

Blossom: This one speaks for itself – a perfect Spring name.

Brigit: She was the Celtic goddess of agriculture whose feast day marks the start of Celtic spring.

Cerelia: This Latin name means ‘related to spring’.

Cloria: This name signifies ‘The Goddess of Spring’

Flora: She was the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.

Florence: A Latin name that means ‘blooming, flourishing and prosperous’.

Freya: She was the Nordic fertility goddess, with ties to spring, flowers and new beginnings.

Ingrid:  This name is inspired by the goddess of fertility and spring. 

Lada: The goddess of spring and love.

Mae: The Goddess of spring growth.

Maxwell: This name means ‘dweller by the spring’, not entirely related to the season, but worth a mention.

Maia: Maia was the goddess of spring, with her links to growth and the sun.

Neo: Meaning ‘new’ in Latin.

Opal: The birthstone for the spring month of October.

Persephone: The goddess of harvest and fertility. 

Primavera: Meaning ‘spring’ in Italian.

Sapphire: The birthstone of September, the start of Spring.

Verna: Of Latin origin, this name translates into ‘springtime’.

Weldon: This name means ‘a hill near the spring)

Wells: Meaning ‘from the wells’ or ‘from the spring’.


What is your favourite Spring inspired baby name?

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