FAQ: How long can I hire my TENS machine for?

You can hire for 4, 6 or 8 weeks.


Not sure which hire duration to select?


81% of people having their first baby go past their due date, statically you’ll more than likely need it for longer so it’s best to opt for the longer hire.


Unless you have a specific induction date, we find it’s best to stick to the below depending on how far along you are currently:


0 – 36 weeks: Choose the 8-week hire

37 – 38 weeks: Choose the 6-week hire

39 + weeks: Choose the 4-week hire


Note: Shipping times don't come off your hire period; your return date is calculated to include an extra week so that you're not paying for the time it takes to arrive to you. Additionally, your return date is the date you take it to the post office to return, so you have access to the machine for the entire duration you pay for.