FAQ: What do I need to return in my TENS hire?

When returning your machine, we require some products and some you can keep or discard if needed/desired.
You can find a video here showing what to return in your hire, it's only 45 seconds long - or you can read the below:
Must be returned: 
- TENS Machine (please wrap in a bubble pouch or something to protect it)
Can be discarded or kept:
- Wires (sometimes these get messy or lost if you can't return them, that's okay - though we do sanitise, test and reuse, which is preferred if possible)
- Batteries (you can keep or return these; we donate or recycle all batteries returned to us - so please keep them if you want)
- The Birth Store Bag & Lanyard (you're welcome to keep this if you want it. Otherwise we do sanitise, wash and reuse
- Manuals (we recycle all manuals we receive back, so they can be returned, kept by you or recycled in your bin)
Not to return:
- Electrodes (your electrodes are single-patient use only, and they're pretty sticky so if you don't need them, please bin them and not return them - they get stuck to everything)