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  • If you're already further along, you can choose the 6 or 4-week hire, though we recommend receiving it ASAP and allowing 4 weeks after your due date
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        IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless you purchase the money-back guarantee your TENS hire cannot be refunded if you don't get to use it. Please give yourself as much time as possible before you're due to ensure you have it ready.

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        Hire Duration: 8 Weeks
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        Please note that as this is a hire service, once the machine has been posted we have provided the service and therefore cannot provide refunds for non-use of machine. Please consider purchasing our Money-Back Guarantee to cover you for unused machines, or advise us before your machine is sent to be eligible for a refund for non-use. By purchasing this item, you agree to this and our full TENS Machine hire agreement found at the footer of our website. 

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        Elle TENS Plus Manual
        • Everything you need to use your TENS included in your hire
        • Pre-paid return satchel to easily send back
        • Our flexible hire can be booked as much in advance as you'd like
        • Fully refundable at any point up until we send/you pick it up
        Hire Duration: 8 Weeks


        The Ultimate Tool for Drug-free Pain Relief in Your Birth

        Read on to learn more about the TENS and how it can help you.

        What is the TENS Machine?

        Answering your biggest questions about the TENS machine!

        The TENS machine helps distract your mind, build endorphins (our body's natural pain relievers) and flood your nervous system, limiting your ability to send pain signals to your spinal cord and brain.

        Our brain can only focus on so much information at a time; once your brain is at capacity, it will shut out the signals that haven't reached it yet. The nerve signals from the TENS machine essentially take up that 'room' in your brain, so there is less 'room' for the pain to be received.

        Your TENS is super easy to use, you just have someone place the electrodes on your back, as shown here, pop the batteries in the machine and then plug the wires into the machine and electrodes.

        From there, you just turn it on and using the +/- buttons you
        turn the power up or down as you'd like, depending on what feels comfortable for you.

        It is recommended to start using it as early as you can when you're in labour, we recommend using it as soon as you think you're in labour.

        The TENS machine shouldn't hurt you; you are in total control of the sensation you're feeling. Our TENS machines have varying power levels, meaning you can always power right down if needed.

        Your machine will automatically start on a medium level of power as this is the preferred option and feels like a soft buzz or tingle for most people. However, a button on your machine (OM +/-) will allow you to turn the machine down to an even lower level. This will all be easily explained in the manual, which can be found at the start of the page.

        Yes! That's the best thing; it is a non-invasive and safe pain relief option that will give you genuine support in labour.

        There are no known risks to you and your baby besides the rare risk of allergic reaction to the electrodes. With the exception of a few medical conditions or situations which may mean you shouldn't use the TENS.

        We recommend reading the contraindications in the manual before using your machine; for up-to-date info you can find the link to your manual on this page above.

        THe top of the line Tens

        Why Choose the Elle TENS Plus?

        This version of the TENS machine is the top of the line when it comes to obstetric TENS machines. It has all the features and you'll not be left wanting more!

        This handheld unit has the Elle TENS Opti-Max technology for an extra reserve of power later in labour; it also has the "boost button" for your contractions (a.k.a. your new best friend). It has the same power output and will give you the same level of pain relief as our other award-winning Elle TENS devices.

        In addition to the above the plus is also set up well for you to use outside of labour, too. Massage mode for pregnancy back pain? Uh, yes please! Tip: If this is your second (or more) birth, afterbirth pains do tend to get worse every time and this is an incredible pain relief option when you're trying to settle in at home with your bub. Take a look at our comparison below if you're still not sure.


        Just 4 Simple Steps

        Our hire process was created to make things super simple for you to organise whilst pregnant, for birth and with postpartum in mind.

        Place Your Order

        Using our user-friendly calendar interface on the product page, you place your order online, selecting the date you'd like us to send your TENS.

        Reserved For You

        We schedule your TENS to be sent for you on the date you select on checkout. This can be done as far in advance as you'd like.

        Simply Return

        We'll remind you when it's time to return your machine; and then you send it back using your pre-paid return satchel that we provide: no printing, cost, or fuss.

        All Done

        Your TENS is tested, cleaned and sanitised; then it is ready to go on its next journey, hopefully changing another person's birth.

        Let Us Compare for You

        See below the differences in features between our three machines, or skip straight to our handy three question quiz to help you decide:

        Elle TENS Hire

        From $49


        ✔ Labour Pain Mode

        Standard Pain Mode

        ✔ Boost Button

        ✔ Opti-Max Technology

        Contraction Timer

        Screen Light

        Pelvic Floor Stimulation

        Elle TENS 2 Hire

        From $59


        ✔ Labour Pain Mode

        Standard Pain Mode

        ✔ Boost Button

        ✔ Opti-Max Technology

        Contraction Timer

        Screen Light

        Pelvic Floor Stimulation

        Elle TENS Plus Hire

        From $69


        ✔ Labour Pain Mode

        Standard Pain Mode

        ✔ Boost Button

        ✔ Opti-Max Technology

        Contraction Timer

        Screen Light

        Pelvic Floor Stimulation

        *not available with hire, outright purchase only*


        Our Hire Has Everything You Need

        🗹 Elle TENS Machine (3 to choose from)

        🗹 4x Large Maternity Electrodes

        🗹 4x AA Batteries

        🗹 2x Lead-wires

        🗹 Simple Instructions

        🗹 Pre-paid Return Satchel

        🗹 The Birth Store Bag

        🗹 Birth Affirmation Lanyard

        What Does the Research Say?

        This study compared the percentage of severe pain scores reported by those without a TENS versus those with a TENS...

        49% of people not using a TENS at 4cm dilated said their pain was severe

        At the same time, only 20% of people using a TENS at 4cm dilated said their pain was severe

        Findings: The mean of the severity of labor pain indicated a statistically significant difference after the intervention. The severity of pain indicated a statistically significant difference in the second stage of labor, and 4 hours after the labor in the groups. The duration of the first stage of labor was significantly different between the groups.

        Conclusion: The application of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation affected pain relief in the first and second stages of labor and 4 hours after labor.

        This study compared the percentage of high pain scores from one group of people, measuring the scores before using a TENS and then 30 minutes after using a TENS...

        Before using a TENS, 83% of people said their pain was a seven or higher

        After using a TENS for only 30 minutes, only 20% of people said their pain was a seven or higher

        Conclusion: TENS produces a significant decrease in pain during labour and postpones the need for pharmacological analgesia for pain relief.

        This study compares the use of TENS machine to Pethidine/Demerol (a pharmacological pain relief option used in hospitals), where it was found that TENS offered the same level of pain relief as this common drug...

        Researchers in Egypt randomly assigned 100 people in active labour to either receive low-intensity TENS applied to the back, or to receive Pethidine/Demerol, which is an injectable narcotic. TENS was used in the experimental group until the participants reached 10 centimetres dilation.

        They found a decrease in pain scores in both groups, but there was no significant difference between the groups. Forty-eight hours after the birth, the people who were randomly assigned to receive TENS during labor were much more satisfied with their birth, on average, compared to the people who received the injectable pain medication. Of those who received TENS, 83% reported being satisfied, compared with only 10% of those who received Demerol.

        In addition to low satisfaction, the people who received Demerol also reported side effects such as drowsiness, nausea and vomiting. Babies in the Demerol group also had lower Apgar scores after birth. There were no bad side effects reported in the TENS group.

        "The majority of women who used the TENS said they would use it in future labours"

        - Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2009; (2): CD007214.

        it doesn't end there

        Have more questions?

        Reach out to us today to find out more, and we'll answer all your remaining questions.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 305 reviews
        Desie Pierides
        Best birth support

        Tens machine was a game changer with my natural breech birth. Cannot go past this if you plan on going natural!

        Isabell Moore
        Quick induced labor

        Being my first pregnancy I did not know what to expect with labor pains, everyone explains them different. My midwife advised that being induced can make contractions worse but I had nothing to compare them to. I was induced at 1030am and my little girl was born at 425pm. I went from 5cm dilated to no cervix within 2 hours. I have a rather high pain tolerance but when I tell you I was in pain it was like nothing I have ever experienced, it was pass out type pain. Although I sweated off my TENS and was in to much pain to have it stuck back on there is no way I would have made it through labor without it. It was a great distraction from the contractions. Only when it came off I considered an epidural but I pushed through without one and delivered my 4.150kg, 38cm circumference head baby naturally. I would 100% hire again I couldn’t have gotten through without it.
        Hiring through the birth store was so easy, it was delivered quickly and having the return satchel already meant my husband could drop it off while I stayed home with my babe.
        Thank you, The Birth Store!


        Great product for my first birth. Didn’t get to use it for my second as it was too fast but used after for post birth contractions and breastfeeding.

        Excellent service

        Would 100% hire again from The Birth Store
        So easy with postage and delivery. Simple instructions and a great price!

        The Tens machine was amazing during my labour.
        With a quick 3 hour labour, I used the tens from start to finish.
        Really took advantage of the boost mode in active labour with the use of gas’s too I was about to obtain my goal unassisted birth

        Amazing relief

        The Tens machine was an absolute godsend during my 44 hour labour! I initially had it on low and just kept upping the power every few hours. Absolutely loved the boost button to get me through the strong surges. Definitely recommend to all my friends!

        Ede Carol
        Legitimately Helpful During Labour and Hire/Use/Return Was So Easy!!!

        The hire, use and return of the Elle Labour TENS machine could was so easy and straight forward. I chose an extended hire as my previous children were post dates as was this third child.
        This was my first labour using the TENS machine and it was genuinely helpful and I believe it relieved a lot of the tension and pain from this labour.
        The instructions for the use were straight forward and it was so easy!
        The return process is made so simple with the pre-addressed bag. Even a sleep deprived mother of three can do it. Make sure you head into a post office to get a senders receipt and ensure that it goes express post back.
        Also the packaging was so beautiful!!
        I made the mistake of purchasing extra sticky tabs because I didn’t realise the ones provided were reusable and I didn’t use the extras during the birth.
        5stars, I would definitely recommend this company and the use of a TENS machine!

        Stephanie Dimataga
        A key tool in my labour kit

        The Elle Labour TENS machine was one of my key pain management tools in early labour. My birth plan was to have an unmedicated birth and the TENS machine enabled me to labour at home for as long as possible before heading to hospital to deliver our darling son. The machine is super easy to use and I was able to take it on and off during labour as needed. The process of hiring and returning was super convenient which is a definite bonus when you have so many other things to think about! I’ll absolutely be hiring one again when we decide to have our next baby


        Amazing during labor and for after birth pains! Highly recommended for anyone that is looking for other ways to manage pain.


        Thank you, The Birth Store. The Elle Labour TENS Machine was a lifesaver during early labour. I highly recommend this product to other expectant mothers. 😊


        WONDER machine, would not have had such a fantastic birth without it.
        Didn’t use one with my first birth which I now regret as it was amazing and helped me have an intervention and medicated free birth! There was an issue processing my order initially but the team rectified and sorted this out and the TENS arrived the day I went into labour so I’m really grateful for how they handled the delay. 🤩

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