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Tips, Tricks and Solidarity for Navigating Morning Sickness:

Tips, Tricks and Solidarity for Navigating Morning Sickness:

Tips, Tricks and Solidarity for Navigating Morning Sickness:

Ah, morning sickness – the uninvited guest that crashes your pregnancy party and sticks around like an overenthusiastic relative. Does anyone even know why they call it "morning" sickness when it's more like an all-day-I-don't-want-to-eat-anything-sickness? Let us arm you with tips, tricks, and some support avenues when the going gets tough.


Morning Sickness: A Name That Deceives

First things first, let's address the elephant in the room – the name. Morning sickness? Really? It's like they've never met a pregnant person who has spent their entire day hovered over the toilet bowl, developing a strong aversion to once-beloved foods (we're looking at you, pickles). And can we talk about the fact that it seems to have no concept of time? Morning, afternoon, evening – it’s all the same to this relentless wave of nausea.


Nausea No More: Your Playbook for A Calmer Tummy


✓     Embrace Your Inner Grazer

Bid farewell to the traditional three-meals-a-day routine. Opt for smaller, more frequent meals that won't make your stomach feel like it's playing a game of flip-flop.


✓     Champion of Crackers

Keep a stash of bland crackers handy. These unsung heroes can help curb nausea and provide a momentary escape from the tumultuous sea of queasiness. Keeping them by your bed is also ideal; eat a few crackers before you dare to get out of bed to help prevent the morning (or middle of the night) dash.


✓   Ginger Everything

Ginger is the Mary Poppins of natural remedies – practically perfect in every way. Ginger tea, ginger candies, ginger snaps – unleash your inner ginger lover and let the anti-nausea magic unfold.


✓   Hydration is Key

Sip on clear fluids like water, herbal tea, or clear broths. Staying hydrated can help keep nausea at bay and prevent dehydration, which can sneak up on you faster than a 3rd trimester haemorrhoid (spoiler alert!)


✓   Avoid the Hunger

Hunger cues in early pregnancy go from not hungry, to hungry, then to starving and very swiftly to vomiting quicker than you can order Uber eats. Plan ahead and ensure you’ve always got something to eat before the hunger pains set in, just in case your lunch runs late.


When All Else Fails: Seek Professional Help


Sometimes, morning sickness can take a toll on your health and well-being, leaving you feeling more drained than a phone battery after your late-night baby shopping scrolls. If you're concerned or losing weight or unable to keep food or fluids down, it's time to call in the reinforcements. Contact your healthcare provider, who can offer guidance, monitor your condition, and ensure you and your little one stay healthy.


Reach out to your Midwife or Doctor, who can help you with additional support if need be & remember, you're not alone in this journey – so many of us have navigated these waters before, and we’re here to offer support and advice. So go forth, and may your stomach find peace amidst the pregnancy storm, and your food aversions kick in BEFORE you’ve cooked the meal! IYKYK 😩

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