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Haemorrhoids in the 3rd Trimester

Haemorrhoids in the 3rd Trimester

Ah, the joys of pregnancy – the miracle of life, the anticipation of a new adventure, and the... unexpected appearance of haemorrhoids? Just when you thought you were familiar with all the weird and wonderful surprises that come with carrying a tiny human, these decide to pop up and make themselves at home. But fear not! We've got the ultimate guide to evicting these pain-in-the-butt guests.


Hello Haemorrhoids!


So there you are, sailing through the third trimester when suddenly it's hello haemorrhoids and goodbye sitting comfortably and pooping peacefully, but not for long!

You may start to wonder what you did in a past life to experience this, but it may help for you to know that 40% of people will get haemorrhoids during pregnancy. I promise you; you're not alone!


Ways to Shrink & Reduce:


Hot and Cold Therapy: Give your new mates a warm welcome... and then a cold farewell. Alternate between warm sitz baths and cold compresses to soothe discomfort and reduce swelling. Reusable perineal ice packs are a MUST for this.


Topical Treatments: Ditch the shame, head to your local pharmacy, and ask them for some medicated haemorrhoid cream. You can always say it's for your partner, "ah yes, I think he asked for some hem-ar-oid cream or something? Not sure, can't relate, couldn't be me".... but to them, it's more than normal, so put the awkwardness aside and get what you need to get them gone.👋


Witch Hazel: Witch Hazel everything is your new BFF. Homemade witch hazel pads, witch hazel wipes, or just slathering witch hazel straight on there can help provide relief and shrink them.


Lifestyle Changes to Help:


Stay Hydrated: Drinking enough water keeps your body hydrated and helps prevent constipation, a notorious ally of haemorrhoids.


Grab a Stool: Using a stool when going to the toilet isn't just for toilet training toddlers; putting your feet up on a stool is so important for positioning when going to the toilet, and it will help to reduce straining, which worsens your haemorrhoids (if you're here out of curiosity and don't actually have haemorrhoids, you should be doing this, too!).


Fibre: Fibre helps soften stools, making bathroom visits a lot more pleasant (and less dramatic). It won't make your haemorrhoids go away, but it will help prevent them from worsening.


No Soap: I hear how that sounds; I don't mean don't wash your butt. Just use a gentler wash without soap, as soap can aggravate haemorrhoids.


Witch Hazel Wipes: Using rough toilet paper can also aggravate haemorrhoids, and as it can be difficult to clean around them, using witch hazel wipes can not only soothe your haemorrhoids but can also help clean them and avoid making them worse.


Options for Removal


Medical Options: Consult your healthcare provider about medical treatments such as rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy or other surgical options to say goodbye to them forever. 


There you have it, all our tips for hopefully saying goodbye to your haemorrhoids, or minimising your discomfort!

Sometimes, they may not go away with the gentler methods, and most people decide just to do what they can to minimise the effect it has on them until they're done having babies before trying more permanent measures.

Remember, most of us who have been pregnant will have them at some point, and you are not alone! ❤️

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