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Elise's Induction Birth Story

Elise's Induction Birth Story


At 39 weeks I had my first bloody show and was convinced we would be all systems go from there being my third child, so I rushed around packing the kids suitcases, however one week later I walked into my OBs room. I had a stretch and sweep and lost small amounts of plug over the weekend following and then in a desperate attempt to get baby moving I saw my OB again on Monday for a second stretch and sweep. Failing that we booked for induction the following morning.


I was admitted to the birth suite at 0630 on 7/6 and had my waters broken at 0715hrs. My original plan had been to see if I could labour without having the syntocin started however after over an hour I was not even having Braxton Hicks contractions. We were at a stand still!

 "I found moving my pelvis with the contractions most effective."

At 0830hrs the Syntocin was started and contractions started to ramp up pretty quickly from there. 

I had my TENS machine on hand from The Birth Store and started that as soon as my back pain started to kick in. I used a TENS with Chelsie as well and have honestly found them to be such an amazing pain reliever in the early stages of labour as they deter your body away from the contraction pain and for me, it gave me something else to focus on. I would highly recommend it!

I spent most of my time labouring on my feet and rocking beside the bed as I found moving my pelvis with the contractions most effective. 

By 1145 I was starting to enter transition and could feel the pressure building with each contraction.

My midwives got me onto the bed where I was checked and they said there was only a cm of cervix left in the way. I laboured on my knees holding the top of the bed and I started pushing around 12pm.

"It remained such a calm environment and I have loved looking back and seeing all the emotion from my labour video"

My obstetrician was on his way by this stage and I have always found so much relief in hearing the words "Jamie is on the way" as I know that means it's getting closer.

After around 40 minutes of pushing the midwives made the decision to change my position as Lainey wasn't descending.

My OB then performed an internal essentially to stretch the last part of my cervix around the baby and I continued pushing.

At around 1240hrs my obstetrician spoke with us and the decision was made to attach the vacuum cup to Lainey's head as he felt as though she couldn't turn to come down completely. The vacuum was attached (no stitches or cuts praise the lord!) and within two pushes Lainey made her way into the world. 

The cord was wrapped tightly around her neck, shoulder and body and had to be released before she could even come out completely due to how restricted she was. So it's no wonder the stretch and sweeps weren't of much luck, and why pushing was taking longer.

After our beautiful girl arrived my obstetrician attempted to remove my placenta which was seeming to be quite fused. After multiple pushes the placenta eventually came away however due to the nature of the attachment I ended up with some retained placenta and was taken to theatre after about half an hour of Lainey being earthside. 

I went under a GA for the removal of the retained placenta and was happily back in my room to cuddle my little girl once I had recovered. Whilst I'm sad to have missed her weight and that first feed in the birth suite, I'm thankful that I was able to express some colostrum for her to be given prior to theatre and that she could have some skin on skin time with her Dad.

Whilst this labour was definitely the hardest of all my children, it remained such a calm environment and I have loved looking back and seeing all the emotion from my labour video.

Absolutely in love with my little family 💕

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