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Emily's Quick Second Birth

Emily's Quick Second Birth

I woke from an afternoon nap with cramps. At 4 pm they were contractions but then they stopped when my son was having dinner.

At 6pm they were 5 minutes apart but intense so I put the TENS machine on. My contractions were never changing from 5 minutes but I said to my husband that after we put my son to bed, I would like to go to hospital as I was comparing the contraction pain with my first.

I put my son to bed and they became 3 minutes apart and were really intense. I got in the car and told myself to relax as my son was in bed and we were going to the hospital.

A couple minutes later I started to shake uncontrollably and I thought this was possibly transition (luckily we only live 4km from the hospital).

I got to the hospital and I was fully dilated and ready to push. After 5 minutes of pushing, Edie was out at 8:53pm. I had an epidural for my first as I was induced but only having gas and the TENS machine this time was a way better experience. 

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