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Emma's Induction of Labour Birth

Emma's Induction of Labour Birth

Our baby was an unplanned surprise and chose to not know the sex either. Before I was pregnant, I thought I would want to use all the drugs and intervention needed/what I wanted, but when I fell pregnant, I did a lot of research, education, birth classes and listening to stories and hear all the benefits of a natural birth as possible.

During my pregnancy I had gestational diabetes at week 28 and was quite worried as I knew there would be a push for induction, but my bsl were controlled by diet and baby wasn't considered "too big" and I listened to a lot of stories and research from midwives to help me be equipped to talk to doctors about not being induced unless there was a big medical reason. 

From week 38 onwards my BP was sometimes quite high when going for my antenatal appointments. It would usually correct itself with no intervention or medication needed. On 15th November I was feeling some slight and small period pains in my abdomen and back at 5 - 30 minute intervals. That afternoon I had an antenatal appointment as I was 40 +6 days with the next day my post date assessment at MADU (Maternal assessment day unit). At my antenatal appointment again my BP was high and following some tests and going to MADU I had all the markers for pre eclampsia. Unfortunately it was a busy day in the birth unit and doctors were very very busy so I had to wait quite some time before seeing a Dr. From going to the hospital at 3pm and then having a vaginal exam at 9pm, I was about 1cm dilated. After talking to the Dr at about 10, they recommended induction. Being practically 41 weeks and now a big medical reason, I decided to induce and my husband went home to gather all our things- including the tens machine!  

Throughout this time I could still feel some small labour pains that were essentially mild cramps (I get quite significant period pains) and was walking though the birthing suite, doing some stretches and keeping my pelvis open when sitting on the bed as much as possible.  We got a room at 1am now on 16th November and the team was going to place the Foley catheter at around 2am. when they went to do this, they realised I was then about 4-5cm and didn't need the catheter which was a relief to me. But due to the preeclampsia, they did want to continue with induction later in the morning. We were left to get some sleep. At about 5am (so not much sleep unfortunately!) We were woken to continue inducing. My waters were broken and syntocin started. My partner hooked me up to the tens machine, begin my birthing playlist and began active labour.

The contractions then begin getting more intense and much quicker. I was between the yoga ball, leaning over the bed and standing/swaying. I started off in my own comfortable clothes, but soon I was sweating and feeling horrible so pretty much threw all my clothes off and asked for a hospital gown. I would have some time off Contractions, then when they hit more I would press the boost button and kept me focused on something to do and greatly relieved my pain. I kept feeling like I needed to pee, and ended up sitting on the toilet quite a little bit during my labour. My aunt (who is a midwife) was an extra support person for myself and my husband, she said the tens machine and pressing the button gave me a job and focus during the intense and continuing waves of contractions. 

Looking at the timer on the tens, they were one minute on and one minute off. I was also using the spiky ball at this time to help distract me. For about an hour I really felt like I needed to pee (later finding out it was the pressure) so I spent a long time on the toilet, before the midwife wanting to put in a catheter to relieve me and do a vaginal exam. My last exams were really uncomfortable so I didn't like them at all and decided to go on gas for it. During which, she told I was 9cm!!! 

I was amazed I got so far on just the tens and never had that feeling of "I can't do this". I was so shocked, but excited. I stayed on the gas a little longer until I felt I needed to push. I went to the barn on all fours and 5 pushes and 10 minutes later, I had my beautiful baby boy!!

I KNOW I wouldn't have lasted so far drug free without the tens machine. That I would not have been able to deal with the intensity from the contractions without it. And I am so so glad I had such a positive induction after knowing and hearing some can be quite hard.

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