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Mahaliah's Dream Labour

Mahaliah's Dream Labour

Contractions started around 3am and they were pretty manageable until about 5:30am.

Things really started to intensify from then on.

It got to 6:30am and I was really in a lot of pain by then, I was on all fours on the ground, over the birth ball.

Partner called the hospital and we headed to the hospital at 7am and arrived at 7:30am. (The car ride while in labour is next level!!!)

Crawled out of the car, straight to the ground on all fours, (still have my machine on) midwives race out, I’m wheeled into the birth suite. I was then checked out and I was 9cm dilated!!!!

It was maybe 8-8:30am and I was so ready to push. Baby girl then arrived at 8:56am.

My goal this second pregnancy was to do most of my labour at home, no hospital pain meds and I did exactly that! My dream labour!

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