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Maddi's Very Quick Birth

Maddi's Very Quick Birth

Once in our birth suite I was checked (approx 5.30pm) and was 7cm dilated, this is when I put on the tens machine. I felt most comfortable leaning over the bed/exercise ball and moving my hips side to side.

As my OB arrived they broke my waters and that sped things up even more. My contractions got to a stage I couldn’t handle it and I started to loose control. I tried the gas which wasn’t for me, I couldn’t stand anything near my face.
I then literally begged for the epidural (it was too late 🤦🏼‍♀️) and I was doubting my ability to be able to go any further. My midwife explained to me I was in transition and was so close to meeting our baby. My partner, midwife and OB really were amazing during this stage talking me through it.

I was checked again, I was fully dilated and it was time to push. I felt most comfortable pushing on the bed laying on my side and after about an hour of pushing our beautiful baby boy Hudson was born at 7.38pm and weighing 4086g. He was put onto my chest immediately, we had skin to skin for over an hour and he latched on right away. My mum and mother in law were also allowed into the birth suite which was so special.

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