How Early Should I Order My TENS?

How Early Should I Order My TENS?

Did you know that you can order your TENS as far in advance as you like?

All we need is a due date, if you’ve gotten that then you can go ahead and lock a machine in for your birth. We currently have machines being booked out for June this year, so it pays to organise in advance so you can be sure you’ve got one set aside for you.

A few questions you might have:

What happens if my birthing plans change, and I won’t be able to use the machine?

We are always happy to honour a refund up until the point when we send the machine out. We understand that sometimes things change, you may need a C-section, you may give birth to your baby early or maybe your idea of what you wanted from your labour and birth has changed – whatever the reason is, there are no explanations required. The only time when we wouldn’t be able to give a refund is when the machine has already been sent, so if something is changing, please try and let us know ASAP.

How do you know when to send it to me?

We keep track of all of our hires and know when they are being sent out and when they are due to come back. If you book far in advance we will find a machine that will be due back before yours needs to go out and allocate that machine to you – we leave enough time in between to ensure any delays are accounted for and we have plenty of backup options too.

What if I want to order more products later to be sent with my TENS machine?

Please let us know if you are ordering some items and wish for them to be sent with your TENS, this is something we can accommodate for. If you aren’t quite reaching the free shipping price for your second order we can give you a code to get you there if your TENS hasn’t been sent out yet and you want us to put the new products in that package 😊

If you have any questions around early hires please reach out to us and we’d be happy to help.

Let us know: Have you pre-booked your TENS Machine already?

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