What Else Can I Use My TENS Machine For?

What Else Can I Use My TENS Machine For?

Did you know that TENS machines aren’t just for labour?

TENS Machines are effective for many different types of pain and some can be used for pelvic floor strengthening too.

The Elle TENS Plus is the only one with the standard pain function and the pelvic floor mode. You can use your Elle TENS Plus with all it’s features for:
• Afterbirth pains
• C-Section recovery
• Shoulder pain from breastfeeding
• Pelvic pain
• General aches and pains
• Sports injuries
• Recovery from surgeries
• Pelvic floor strengthening and recovery from incontinence (only suitable for machines purchased outright)

If you have an Elle TENS or Elle TENS 2 and were hoping to use it for one of the above and upgrading to the Plus isn’t an option, there are ways you can still utilise the machine. These machines are designed for labour, so it provides a low sensation and then is boosted manually by you (or your birth partner) when you have a contraction. Standard pain machines or those like the Plus that have that function work in ‘waves’ – think of it like a massage chair, but with electrical pulses instead. So if you are trying to ‘hack’ an obstetric machine to use outside of labour for general pain, you can keep it on a low letting and manually boost in your own pattern giving yourself some breaks or using the boost when you feel the greatest levels of pain.

If you are interested in the pelvic floor option but are hiring or just need this option as a standalone product, we do have that too! Check out our website for information on the SensaTONE in the postpartum category.

If you are using a TENS machine for standard pain please ensure you have discussed any unexplained pains with your doctor as the TENS doesn’t treat the problem, it just helps to make the pain symptoms more manageable. It’s important that they aren’t used long term to mask an undiagnosed problem.

Did you use a TENS machine for general pain or for pelvic floor recovery? Let us know how it went for you below.

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