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What if I Break or Lose My TENS Machine?

What if I Break or Lose My TENS Machine?

What happens if I break or lose my TENS?

Birth can be messy, distracting and rushed. We get it, there are 99 priorities, and we aren’t one.

We’ve had machines not come back, wires not come back, loose electrodes thrown in the bag leaving gel stuck in the buttons and a manual torn into about 15 pieces…. (okay that one was confusing).

For big issues, we do have a $150 fee for any broken or missing items – this is a part of the conditions you accept when you place your order. This will apply to lost or stolen machines where you are unable to prove you lodged the return parcel with Australia Post or for any machines that are returned broken in any way.

For smaller issues like missing or broken wires, manuals etc. we do have backups so we choose not to charge for these. But we do ask that you try where possible to keep the machines and their accessories safe and to try where possible to know where the attachments are when in the hospital (within your control).

A few tips on keeping your machine safe to reduce the chance of needing to pay a fee or just to help us out a little:


  • When sending back your machine, drop it at the post office and keep the receipt – if it goes missing, we’ll know you did your part and can work directly with Australia Post
  • Your machine will come in a safety/bubble pouch, please pop it back in the pouch when sending it back – the postage process can be rough!
  • We’re happy to dispose of your used electrodes, but please pop them back in their zip lock before sending – they move around and get stuck to EVERYTHING

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. We are really understanding and know sometimes things happen outside of your control.

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