Where do I Place the Electrodes?

Where do I Place the Electrodes?

There are four pads that come with your TENS machine. 2 are for your bra line and 2 are for your underwear line.

Placing the electrodes:
• You will likely need some help placing the pads on your back, you can do it yourself in a pinch but it’s a hard feat – if you don’t have a birthing partner, you can ask your midwife for help with this.
• Before placing your electrodes ensure the area is free from excess oils or moisture.
• Place the electrodes vertically starting at your underwear line, the length of your torso may affect where the top of the bra line electrodes start – you’ll run out of room on the bottom electrodes before you do on the top which is why we recommend starting at the bottom.
• Whether the wires are facing up or down don’t matter a great deal. You can place them which ever way is the most comfortable for you.
• You then connect the top 2 electrodes to 2 wires in the same jack (where the wires connect into the machine) and the bottom 2 electrodes to the 2 other wires in the same jack. Whether you connect the top or bottom to the left or right jack doesn’t matter.

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