Can TENS Electrodes be Re-Used?

Can TENS Electrodes be Re-Used?

TENS electrodes are easily removeable and can be reused – how long for, depends on how they’ve been treated.

The stickiness of the gel on the electrodes can be affected by a few things:
• Large amounts of sweat or wet skin
• Oils – either massage/essential oils or oil from your skin
• Any other moisture or residue on the skin

You can prolong the life of your electrodes by:
• Drying your skin before application
• Ensuring the area of your skin being used is free from massage oils
• Placing electrodes straight on plastic backing once removing
• Placing electrodes + plastic backing in their zip lock bag

If you have got some electrodes that have started to lose their adhesiveness, you can help them by rubbing a small amount of water into the gel – it may seem slightly contradictory to what’s already been said about moisture on the skin, but it does help!

A few things you might want to consider when deciding if you’ll need a second set of electrodes when hiring or buying:
• Will you be using the TENS in the postpartum period? (If you’re not sure, we recommend yes if it’s your second or more birth because afterpains become more severe with each birth)
• Will you be using the TENS long after postpartum? (Something to consider if you’re purchasing)
• Do you have any reason to believe you may experience prolonged early labour? (Potentially if you’re going off previous pregnancies or you have a significant pattern in the women in your family)

In saying all of this, when proper care is taken the life in them can be prolonged. I personally used our electrodes for 5 days of early labour, birth and then 10 days postpartum and they were still holding up well.

Share your experience:
Did you find you needed a spare set of electrodes? Or did you buy extra and find you didn’t need them?

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