Does the TENS Machine Only Work for Back Labour?

Does the TENS Machine Only Work for Back Labour?

The TENS machine is effective for contractions felt anywhere in the body.

People often think because the electrodes are placed on your back they’ll only help for back contractions, whilst experiences may differ and you might find it is more effective on your back it is still often used and believed to be effective for contractions felt anywhere.

I myself felt contractions in my lower stomach, back and thighs and as they are all different types of pain it’s difficult to say if it helped one area more than the other. But something you may notice when using the TENS machine is if you forget to boost is that you very quickly realise just how effective the TENS is during the contraction when boost wasn’t used – I found that each area was significantly more painful than when I was boosting, so for me it was effective even for the pain I could feel in my thighs.

The TENS machine has an effect on your nervous system, endorphins and mentally can make you feel more in control – all of these things wouldn’t be affected by the placement of the pads making the TENS effective for all locations of pain.

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